Atlantis was known as one of Earth’s most advanced civilizations in history. Scholars and archaeologists have argued for centuries whether the continent existed or is just a myth. As all stories go, myths and legends are based off of some form of truth or another. I’m here to tell you my friends that Atlantis was real, and its civilization stretched for tens of thousands of years. To begin, the citizens of this ancient culture were not of a perfected body as we have today. Each physical form had two souls in one body, each having a feminine and masculine soul. Their physical form is what we would call androgynous, or in other terms, a body with both sets of reproductive organs.
In the beginning, they were in constant contact with a being they call The Creator. This being is what all life is part of. As the Atlanteans would progress through the ages, they would lose their ability to be in touch with The Creator. They would start using a massive Crystal that was attuned to be in contact with this being. The Atlantean civilization would eventually break into two religious groups. The first was called The Law of One. This group of Atlanteans formed was considered a good faction. The second group of Atlanteans was called The Followers of Baal. These two religions would eventually split into many more religions across the world that we would know about today.

Atlantis Risen